Nikola Tesla Free Energy systems – Why were they successful?


Nikola Tesla Free Energy

The Nikola Tesla Free Energy system offers a number of dependable and effective ways to procure enough energy to meet the requirements of your household, without paying traditional monthly household electric energy bills. If you have not heard of the Nikola Tesla Free Energy system before, you’re probably rather skeptical as to whether or not it does in fact actually work.  You’ll probably also be surprised to know that the basic idea behind the Nikola Tesla Free energy  systems can be traced back to over a century, thanks to the renowned scientist and inventor, Nikola Tesla.

Even as early as 1899, Nikola Tesla invented a device called the magnifying transmitter. This device could convert radiant energy in the atmosphere to electrical energy without any additional resource for its operation. This should have been a revolutionary invention, as it meant providing electricity to millions and millions of people with very little or no cost at all.

However, Tesla was dependent on an investor, J. P. Morgan, for financial support for his project. Once he realised the full implication of Tesla’s invention, the financier was more alarmed than pleased, as it meant loss of millions of dollars in terms of profit for electric companies. He immediately refused any further assistance to the development of the transmitter. Furthermore, he used his influence among other investors to make sure that no one provided any financial support for Tesla. And worst of all, Tesla’s laboratory was found burned to the ground, though no evidence was found to indict the investor. And that was the end of Tesla’s dream of free energy for everyone.

nikola teslaNikola Tesla Free Energy

Well, in some ways, it was; and in other ways, it was not. The electric companies got what they wanted. Free energy remains a mystery to the common people to this day. The companies keep getting millions and billions of dollars of profit every year. But even amid such setbacks, Tesla refused to give in completely. He no longer had the money to develop his magnifying transmitter the way he had intended. But he still constructed a miniature version of it. The scaled down version of the device could not produce energy in huge amounts. But it still provided the much needed proof of concept of its working.

And that was more than enough to keep Tesla’s invention alive! A few scientists, engineers, and even hobbyists, gained interest in Tesla’s invention; and soon, more and more people were inventing devices for free energy based on one principle or another. The trend caught on, albeit among a minority of people, and now we have a century of research, analysis, invention, and improvement on a number of methods to produce electricity from free energy resources. Free Energy Devices just represent a class of a much wider range of products invented. Even with abundant money, power, and influence, and despite their best efforts, the electric companies could not completely quell the concept of or inventions on free energy!


Where did Nikola Tesla Free Energy come from?

Nikola Tesla was born on July 10, 1856 in Smiljan, Lika, which was then part of  the Austo-Hungarian Empire, region of Croatia. His father, Milutin Tesla was a Serbian Orthodox Priest and his mother Djuka Mandic was an inventor in her own right of household appliances. Tesla studied at the Realschule, Karlstadt in 1873, the Polytechnic Institute in Graz, Austria and the University of Prague. At first, he intended to specialize in physics and mathematics, but soon he became fascinated with electricity. He began his career as an electrical engineer with a telephone company in Budapest in 1881. It was there, as Tesla was walking with a friend through the city park that the elusive solution to the rotating magnetic field flashed through his mind. With a stick, he drew a diagram in the sand explaining to his friend the principle of the induction motor. Before going to America, Tesla joined Continental Edison Company in Paris where he designed dynamos. While in Strassbourg in 1883, he privately built a prototype of the induction motor and ran it successfully. Unable to interest anyone in Europe in promoting this radical device, Tesla accepted an offer to work for Thomas Edison in New York. His childhood dream was to come to America to harness the power of Niagara Falls.

Young Nikola Tesla came to the United States in 1884 with an introduction letter from Charles Batchelor to Thomas Edison: “I know two great men,” wrote Batchelor, “one is you and the other is this young man.” Tesla spent the next 59 years of his productive life living in New York. Tesla set about improving Edison’s line of dynamos while working in Edison’s lab in New Jersey.  It was here that his divergence of opinion with Edison over direct current versus alternating current began. This disagreement climaxed in the war of the currents as Edison fought a losing battle to protect his investment in direct current equipment and facilities.

Tributes to Nikola Tesla Free Energy

The street sign “Nikola Tesla Corner” was recently placed on the corner of the 40th Street and 6th Avenue in Manhattan. There is a large photo of Tesla in the Statue of Liberty Museum. The Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey has a daily science demonstration of the Tesla Coil creating a million volts of electricity before the spectators eyes.

Full Biography of Tesla Available here

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nikola tesla free energy


Your Questions About Tesla Power Armor

Ruth asks…

What is your favorite Power Armor from Fallout 3?

my favorite 3 are:
1. Prototype Medical Armor
2. T51b Power Armor
3. Tesla Armor

admin answers:

T51b….put it on a follower and use him as a meat shield.

Sandy asks…

Fallout 3: Which Power armor is better out of T-51b and Tesla?

not talking about helmets i know t-51b is better in helmets But should i
A.Drop 5 radiation resist and take up +10 energy weapons or B. Drop +10 energy weapons and go for +5 radiation resist P.S. I have mutation perk so advanced sickness heals my crippled wounds when im not in megaton
[i should have added this but i don't have any DLC's yet but plan on getting one so if you reccommend me DLC armor then i might have it sooner or later]

admin answers:

You should wear Vance’s Longcoat Outfit which gives +10 small guns and +1 Charisma. If you like Energy Weapons try visiting The Pitt and getting the Metal Master armor. It’s lighter than power armor and gives +10 Energy Weapons and +10 Explosives. Or Enclave Officer Outfit and matching Enclave Officer Hat give +10 Energy Weapons together. The best power armor is the Hellfire Armor or the Prototype Medic Power Armor if you get lonely and need someone to talk to you. The Medic armor warns you when enemies are near. No more ghoul reavers sneaking up on you. But I can’t stand wearing power armor because it makes an awful noise and you run slower. I’m sneaking anyway so why suffer under all that weight? If I can survive Point Lookout on Very Hard, without using Stimpaks, with just Vance’s outfit, Lucky Shades and Sonora Cruz’s Sheriff’s hat so can you!

Joseph asks…

In fallout new vegas which is better, enclave remanents power armour and helmet, or?

Or enlcave remanents tesla power armour / helmet

admin answers:

Well, it kind of depends on your stats. I personally use the normal armor and give Veronica the tesla armor. That is because, by that point in the game I have 100 energy weapons but only have about 4 strength. On the other hand, if your energy weapons is low then you should use the tesla armor.

John asks…

Where to get a power helmet on fallout 3?

I’ve had training at the citadel and i have the power armour.. but i need the helmet.. i’ve already completed the game on one character with the helmet aswell as the body armour… but now i’ve started the game again but with 4 add ons.. anyway let’s cut to the chase.. i need the power helmet. Where can i get it? i’ve searched around the citadel.
btw.. i want the brotherhood of steel power armour.
And is the tesla armour better than the brotherhood of steel armour?

Thanks for any answers given..

admin answers:

Dead Brotherhood, dead Outcasts, Take It Back! Quest, dead Enclave.

You can rarely buy one.

Also, Fort Constantine.

Donna asks…

an opinionated question about fallout 3?

ok, now here we go. power armor. the big shabang in fallout 3. whether it be the T-45d model (brotherhood of steel model), the T-51b model(winterized version from anchorage, which is better than brotherhood armor), enclave power armor, enclave tesla armor, enclave hellfire armor(which i have not seen yet, so please tell me what it’s like!), or ashur’s power armor. which armor is your favorite? which one do you consider the best? and also, the enclave armor, between regular and tesla armor, which armor do you think is better? i mean, i know it’s just a game, but i kinda feel bad for the guys wearing the regular enclave armor! they’re like upstaged by the guys in the tesla armor! i know it’s a weird question, but please answer if you want!

admin answers:

I liked Enclave Power Armor mainly because as you go along those dudes are everywhere, so once you kill them, you can take their armor and repair yours easily. You’re less likely to come across the other kinds of good armor.

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Your Questions About Nikola Tesla Inventions

Daniel asks…

What are some inventions Nikola Tesla didnt get credit for and who got the credit for these inventions?

Who got credit for what invention and what do the inventions do.

admin answers:

The basics of wireless internet. He was developing a wireless large scale network before funding was cut and the project stopped. Not to say it wouldn’t have worked but he was so far ahead of his time most thought he was a nut!

Robert asks…

what are some facts about Nikola Tesla and his inventions?

what did he invent and how did it work? and how did it change american society?

admin answers:

Start here:


Then try google. It ain’t that hard, really.

James asks…

what are some good sources for information on Nikola Tesla’s inventions and life?

I have a report to do, and I have source cards due friday.
The encyclopedia had about a paragraph that was very unhelpful.

admin answers:

Better still, go to your school or college library and look up the encyclopedias there.
People have just stopped using these. Websites and info on the Net is ok but libraries and books are still the best resource for scholars and students.

Maria asks…

Nikola Tesla inventions?

Tell me what he invented. please dont give me any links or anything. just tell me right now. Just list the inventions and dont tell me the history behind it. thanks i have an essay due tommorow

admin answers:

How’s this:
He has some 300 patents
Tesla’s inventions and developments include the AC motor, the bifilar coil, various devices that use rotating magnetic fields, the alternating current polyphase power distribution system, the fundamental devices of systems of wireless communication (legal priority for the invention of radio), radio frequency oscillators, devices for voltage magnification by standing waves, robotics, logic gates for secure radio frequency communications, devices for x-rays, apparatus for ozone generation [3], devices for ionized gases, devices for high field emission, devices for charged particle beams, methods for providing extremely low level of resistance to the passage of electrical current,[4] means for increasing the intensity of electrical oscillations, voltage multiplication circuitry, devices for high voltage discharges, devices for lightning protection, the bladeless turbine, and VTOL aircraft.

Recent references to Tesla’s patents include US5548819 (Method and apparatus for communication of information), US5908444 (Complex frequency pulsed electromagnetic generator and method of use), US4869598 (Temperature-sensitive multiple-layer thin film superconducting device), and US6104107 (Method and apparatus for single line electrical transmission).

Mark asks…

Nikola Tesla?

What were all of Nikola tesla‘s inventions. best answer which says all of them 10 pts.

admin answers:

There are literally 100′s of Tesla inventions -


here’s a link to start you in the right direction

there are over 100 books detailing all of his inventions including theoretical inventions that have been credited to him

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Your Questions About Green Energy Live

Linda asks…

Does any one know about this company Green Energy Live,inc?

what is this company about did it go bank rup or what

admin answers:

See the site below for info on GEL.

George asks…

What are some ways to live green, organic and energy efficient?

admin answers:

Ride a bike, eat local food, eat less meat, think about your total energy use throughout your pattern of life (at home, at work, at play) and adjust your decison making accordingly. There are a lot more ways of doing things than we think there are.

The biggest obstacle to living more ‘greenly’ is the weight of momentum of existing practices. (ie – we’re afraid of change and for example have been led to believe that a car based culture is necessary – it isn’t)

Fear of discomfort is the biggest reason why we don’t make positive changes in our lives. I got rid of my car and went to bike only 7 years ago and I don’t regret it for a second. Not only am I helping the environment for everybody but I am healthier myself, I have more energy, I can eat as much as I want without gaining weight and I have more disposable income while working LESS than I used to.

Furthermore I have evolved my diet to include much less meat and processed foods, again not only benefitting the whole world but making me more healthy at the same time. And it actually costs LESS to eat more healthy.

By the way, I’m NOT a big fan of recycling. I mean its OK but what it does is allow people to assuage their guilt while not really changing their over-consumptive lifestyels. (ie – in theory its fine but in practice its more like a giant guilt pill allowing people to rationalize an otherwise extremely wasteful lifestyle)

For me the real three Rs of environmentalism are Reduce, Reduce and Reduce (kinda like the three rules for real estate). I earn less, I spend less, I eat less and I have more money left over at the end of the day.

For me, environmentalism is more about what you DON’T do than what you do do. We always want to do things but in the end its really what we avoid doing that is the key. It doesn’t sound very exciting and its not going to sell many products but I believe that that is what is needed to make the world a better place for us all. We need to reform our ingrained habits of earn and spend just for the sake of it.

James asks…

Care to share some renewable energy green living tips?

Just looking for some general tips on living greener, things such as solar panels, etc, that won’t cost a lot to implement? Of course, solar panels cost a fortune, but it’s an example. Thanks!

admin answers:

Hey Jenny,

I actually just responded to another question of yours too a few minutes ago. I’ve been reviewing “green” manuals lately and found something called “Earth4Energy” – It’s a great guide with detailed information on how to build your own solar and wind power. You can check out my full review of it @ http://renewable-energy-info.com/ – Best of luck to ya!

Maria asks…

I would like to know what green living and energy savings topics people would like to here or learn more about?

I am writing a blog on saving energy and green living, www.SeeEnergySavings.com . I want to write about what people want to hear about, any suggestions?

admin answers:

I would like to know why the US and other countries insist on nuclear power when a reactor produces more waste in one day than will take over a million years to get rid of. Some of the technology should go to solving that problem before anyone tells us it is clean energy.

Charles asks…

A song for a energy saving presentation to save the world, live green ?

i need one for a commerical, it would be great if i was giving a song related by a newer artist ….. thanks

ps. not if everyone cared by nickelback

admin answers:

How about ‘tell me lies’ since that seems to be what you want to believe

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Your Questions About Tesla Free Energy

Jenny asks…

Is it possible to incorporate Tesla’s idea of free unlimited energy?

Or is it impossible due to todays economy?

admin answers:

Bureaucrats have their claws in the energy industry, costs will NEVER come down.

There is enough oil and natural gas readily available for several generations. It could be dirt cheap but there’s too much envy for the handful of CEO’s who bring it to us.

Linda asks…

Do you believe in Free Energy?

Free energy as in the ether or vacuum energy. Nicola Tesla‘s free energy. Magnets have energy, lightning, static shock. These are forms of energy that exist in abundance. Obviously the device to collect this energy may indeed cost something, but then provide more energy than we could ever need. The impact this technology would be for the greater good of all on this planet. When we have this energy source there would be no more fossil fuels to buy. How much money do you think you would save every month when this is possible? No light bills, no gas for your car, you could grow your own food faster than you could eat it, everything would cost less if no one had to pay electricity for their company’s or their company vehicles. So on and so on. These are just a few examples. If you don’t believe……why not?
Please, this is not some idiot asking stupid questions. I will admit i don’t have a degree from MIT or anything. That is why I want good feedback to my question. I can make water boil with a maginifying glass(I know, big deal). But steam engines do work….don’t they. I am just trying to gather information that will help me understand the situation better. I have read a lot about Nicola Tesla and I have reasearched his inventions on the U.S. patent office website. It seems to me he was a genius and was a pioneer in electricity. And that was 120 years ago. Just imagine what could be done now. I guess i am really asking nonjudgmental people who care to help me understand. Thank you all.

admin answers:

Hi your question is valid. First thing though: you cannot produce energy out of nothing. People who say so are charlatans. Also you seem to confuse force and energy. Magnets are a source of magnetic force, which is not equal to energy. Energy is force time distance. So unless someone spends some joules moving the piece of iron in the magnetic force field, a magnet produces no energy.

BUT we could possibly find a source of energy so plentiful that it would be too cheap to meter. I am thinking of nuclear fusion for example or harnessing the complete energy of matter. 1 g of matter can theoretically produce 25 000 Mega-Watts.hour. If we could harness this, energy would become free.

If that was the case though, we could face huge problems: people would start using obscene amount of energy for whimsical reasons. And energy eventually turns to heat. If we were consuming more heat than our globe could radiate back in space, then the globe would heat up.

It would be a boon for space colonization though.

Lisa asks…

Are governments and oil companies secretly hiding free energy technology from the public?

I keep hearing conspiracy theories that governments do not want us to have access to free energy technology such as cold fusion and that they work with oil companies in order to silence anyone who finds out or invents something that will give us Unlimited energy.

Apparently Nicola Tesla is one of the casualties as they have kept hidden his papers that give proof of free energy.


admin answers:

It is very difficult to harness fusion power. There is a conspiracy theory, yes. The truth of the matter is that research comes from governements and large corporations. So there is a conflict of interest – of course they are going to look out for their own best interest.

There is a lot of research into solar energy and the panels are getting better and better. Actually government in USA backed at least one solar panel start up company that went bust, so there is an attempt to find alternative energy sources.

Wind turbines are still in their infancey and they are still very expensive to manuffacture compared to the rate of return. The return period is too long. So while we have cheap and plentiful fuel sources, fossil fuel will still prevail. Fossil fuel is too intrinsic to change from it in a big way anyway.

Susan asks…

If we could give the world free energy tomorrow, how would that affect the worldwide economy?

Tesla developed a way to create sustainable free energy for the entire world.

admin answers:

First, it would solve 51 percent of the problems right there. It would eliminate the dependence of all nations on oil.

Second, it would result in all of the oil producing nations going bankrupt. That would leave them at the mercy of the rest of the world until they could gather up a new industry or industries to employ all of their people and create revenues to run their own governments.

Third, it would definitely leave everyone employed in the energy sector well … Unemployed. But I think the number of people working in the energy business are puny statistically compared to just the people starving in the third world much less across the globe.

Fourth, it would free up human resources to pursue humanitarian and technological efforts by reallocating all of the resources, engineering skills and professionals to other existing problems like creating new systems for health care, alleviating issues around growing food and things of that nature. So whatever unemployment would result would be short-lived.

Fifth, it would help in repairing and increasing infrastructure on every continent and for every nation on earth.

Largely I think it would be a good thing for most, but initially a bad thing for the rest.

Which is probably why the oil companies would likely assassinate anyone that came up with free energy alternatives that were immediately viable.

Donald asks…

Tesla Energy…?

Interesting reading about Tesla. He created “free energy” and the government shut him down (for lack of a better term) I’d like to get your opinions on the subject.

Every so often, you hear about someone creating cold fusion in their kitchen or bath tub and as soon as you hear about it, the/that story disappears.

Your thoughts or experiences please ?

admin answers:

The government didn’t shut down Tesla — he just ran out of money. (He foolishly signed away his patent rights, rather than reducing the royalty rates.) Tesla was big on broadcasting energy, but the idea runs into the huge flaw that most energy radiated by a transmitter doesn’t go into anything useful: you can’t effectively aim it. If you are doing radio or television broadcasting, this doesn’t matter much; your receiver only needs a microwatt or so to do its thing. But if you want to light a hundred watt bulb, you’re SOL.

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Your Questions About Tesla Power Generator

Ken asks…

will a 2000 volt 8uF capacitor well be enough for use on a ignition coil Tesla type 1 inch spark generator?

I know that an ignition coil is not the same thing as a tesla coil, but they are similar in design and I was wondering if this capacitor well will be enough to have it create 1 inch sparks. Also, for this design, how much power will I need to generate 1 inch sparks? Thanks!

admin answers:

No the voltage generated will be much higher than 2KV, and needs typically 30% overhead for the maximum working voltage.

From the chart using 2.5 centimeters (1.0″) :


you will need 70KV as a minimum using spheres (ball) as electrodes.
With 30% overhead, you will need a 100KV rated capactors.

Sandy asks…

Why isn’t the UK manufacturing Tesla generators?

The Tesla generator is a novel concept that uses magnetic propulsion to produce enough electricity to power an entire household. You can google “Tesla generator” for information.

Can you imagine taking 20 million homes off the national grid?

Why hasn’t it taken off? Well killing off a 50 billion pound generating industry may have something to do with it. But if the UK is serious about cutting carbon emissions, surely this is the way to go…

admin answers:

It wasn’t a perpetual motion machine, because supposedly it tapped an external power source (the energy of the universe, whatever that means), but it wasn’t real either. Nobody has a working model.

Helen asks…

Things like HHO generators, tesla coils, rail guns?

Firstly, how much electricity is needed to power a railgun and also a tesla coil?

Any projects to do at home like an HHO generator, or a home built tesla coil or rail gun?
Need ideas.
Ok but any ideas???

admin answers:

Many folks who do interesting home-made projects put them on-line. Browse around and you’ll get lots of ideas




btw, thanks for asking this question, looking around for ideas has got me interested in a new one for myself, a pulsating rail transport based on ambient photon conversion to battery-storage. :)

Laura asks…

Using a Tesla turbine how can i produce 500-1000w + DC power?

producing a report for EWB (engineers without borders). I need to find a way to power this with a tesla turbine engine. I know with realitively low RPM i can produce a fair amount of power though permanant mag motors. what i need to find out is Size and how much do i need to scale the engine/generator for the amount specified.?
This needs to be a very simple product. conventional steam turbines are extremely expensive complex and can be dangerous with high pressure steam. this is for rural cambodia where people can barely read their own language! www.ewb.org.au

admin answers:

What will be your energy source to run this turbine. The Tesla turbine is very inefficient. Back when it was patented, we did not have the aerodynamics of turbines completely understood. Today, conventional turbines are 10 times as efficient as back when Tesla experimented with his turbine.

Stick with conventional turbines.

Mandy asks…

nicol tesla,a genius or a mad man?

people arnt aware he was the one who invented the hydro generator that produced alternating electricity,he was discredited by edison because Edison wanted dc electrical power instead, Tesla also made all the transformers that step the power up or down for home and factory use,he invented the induction motor like the kind used in washing machined and even fans,he had an understanding of how elictricity worled that no one has yeat to discover,he wanted to make a generator that used gravation waver as an energy source,but didn’t have the money to build it him self,he got Westinghouse to back him on the project,but when westing house ask him how much money he would make from the energy generator Tesla said it would be free for mankind,well westing house with drew his support for the project and that ended it,so why dosent the so called GREEN and environmentalist inquire as to where his plans for the generator are and finish his project,would it put electric company’s out of business and thats why it is hidden from the world.just type his name in the web search and read some of the articles about him,,,,spelling B:s and grammar slammers welcome,some people are more concerned with spelling and grammar than the contents of questions or answers,sad thing in deed.

admin answers:

Tesla was really a brilliant technocrat and a scientist but he was a poor businessman. He did not know how to sell one self in the scientific world, the art many a modern day scientists also lack.He was in fact used by Edison and others.Same is the story is that of a girl who first described the structure of the DNA whose credit was taken by Watson and Crick.Similar story appears in the naming of BOSE- EINSTEIN particle or equation

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Your Questions About Nikola Tesla

Ruth asks…

Nikola Tesla?

Intriqued by the Prestige, I researched Nikola Tesla, the little known scientist that introduced science that was doubted then but is used now, like wireless communication and alternating currents. I know that he had many fanatical ideas about science, but were some of them? Were they ever carried out or used? Also, was he really rivals with Edison?

admin answers:

Here’s a great site with tons of information on Tesla. Have fun!

Donald asks…

nikola tesla….?

how did nikola tesla start inventing things, what did he invent….

admin answers:

Tesla is credited with many inventions but was very poor with documentation, so is not officailly credited for much. He was a genious who invented and discovered much with electricity. He was the first to invent tv and radio and the plasma electricity ball. He did much work with lightning and static electricity as well.

Mark asks…

How did Nikola Tesla created fuel less energy?

Nikola Tesla, the famed inventor of the nineteenth century, claimed that he can create energy without using a fuel and many scientists, today, agree that he did. How did he do it?
Don’t just say that he didn’t do it since actually, he did it. Just tell me how did he do it.

admin answers:

IF you would just take a few minutes and read about Mr. Tesla you will find that his final years were spent in unfortunate conditions for a man who had previously demonstrated such brilliance. It was during these later years that his attemps at invention were more fantasy than science. That would include the so-called fuel- less energy concept.
Scientists are not beyond mistakes including Tesla and some scientists are not beyond misrepresentations.

Daniel asks…

What exactly did nikola tesla do for The Philadelphia Experiment?

i was researching nikola tesla for school and came across the philly experiment. i would like to know what exactly he did for the project.

admin answers:

Nikola Tesla has no direct involvement with the Philadelphia Experiment. It is rumored though that he had developed a unfied field theory.
A unified field theory is a type of field theory that allows all that is usually thought of as fundamental forces and elementary particles to be written in terms of a single field.
This is what is thought to have made the Philadelphia Experiment possible. So if he had developed a Unified Field theory it would have made this possible but it is only a rumor. Einstein was also rumored to have developed a Unified Field Theory but this is also not confirmed.
Nikola Tesla was a brilliant man you should study him more

Paul asks…

Does anybody know what Nikola Tesla’s lost inventions were and what happened to them?

I know that Nikola Tesla had alot of inventions that never made it to the public,but why did these inventions go missing.I know that he was working on anti-gravity and force fields.
I suppose that we will never know unless there is someone out there that does.Is anyone of you out there that knows of these lost inventions and can answer this question.
He was a fasinating man.A man way ahead of his time.

admin answers:

Probably his most famous “lost” inventions are broadcast power and the death ray.

Broadcast power involved his idea that you could “pluck” the Earth’s lines of magnetic force as if they were violin strings, and transmit energy along them. He actually got most of the way through building a broadcast power tower before investors backed out and his assets were seized. However, there’s no evidence it ever worked…you can broadcast power easily enough at short ranges, but his plan to overcome the 1/r² drop-off by plucking the magnetic field just didn’t pan out.

The death ray was offered to the U.S. Military in the 1930s or early 40s IIRC, but by that point Tesla was very much on the decline mentally, and the general consensus is that the death ray was even more fanciful than broadcast power. Given how much money got thrown into various bizarre weapon programs during WWII, it strikes me that if there had been even a shred of workability to the death ray, the U.S. Military would have at least tried making one, and there’s no evidence I’ve seen that it even made it to a mockup stage.

Of course, one thing about Tesla’s reputation as the archetypal Mad Scientist is that it’s very easy to credit him with all sorts of weird stuff that he never thought of, because what he DID think of got pretty far out there by the time he died. Heck, in a superhero universe I write, he worked out the fundamentals of how superhuman powers worked, the research being unearthed decades after his death. :) And there’s several comicbooks in which Tesla uses super-science inventions (such as giant robots) to fight Edison (Atomic Robo, Five Fists of Science, to name a couple).

Edit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikola_Tesla has more on his death ray, under “directed energy weapon”, and the section following that covers a few more of his weirder ideas.

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Your Questions About Green Energy Stocks

Joseph asks…

What are your favorite clean energy / green tech stocks?

I’m looking to build a clean energy portfolio. What are your favorite clean energy stocks? I’m looking for companies that have innovation, lots of growth potential and patents / technologies that are scalable. I’m also looking for companies with a track record of improving energy production efficiency.

Please don’t hesitate to include quotes from all over the world. Also if you are familiar with private startups and innovations, don’t hesitate to post here! In the near future I’m planning to gather together an online community of clean tech investors!

admin answers:

One that I own is Vesta Wind Systems, a Danish company. The ticker is VWSYF.PK. It is the largest manufacturer of wind turbines in the world. Another advantage is that it is quoted in a currency other than dollars. Another that you might possibly be interested in is Trina Solar, a Chinese company that make solar panels, etc. Again not quoted in dollars. It is traded as an ADR with the ticker TSL.. Although I do own both I prefer Vesta as the technology is more cost efficient.

George asks…

Oil is skyrocketing, therefore green energy stocks should…?

Oil shot up like mad today, right. So, should green energy stocks (eg: solar, wind, energy cells: comv, eslr, ftek, fcel) go up or down? Why?

admin answers:

Oil (and therefore Gas) prices have been very volatile in recent months. They are a mature technology, so there is unlikely to be any ground-breaking innovation in this area.

Green energy stocks on the other hand, as your long list suggests, are in many different technologies and are not fully developed.
Therefore, as Oil and Gas are immediately available, while green energy is still to fulfil its potential, I don’t think that there is the correlation you suggest. Once these new power sources become as plentiful as oil, they would be inversely correlated, as demand for one would depress the price of the other.

The answers above are for guidance only and should not be acted upon without you receiving independent financial advice relevant to your circumstances. To find and IFA please call 0800 085 3250 or go to http://www.unbiased.co.uk.

Sandy asks…

I want to invest in Green Energy stocks… But where do I look?

I want to buy stocks in Green/Renewable Energy. Such as Solar, Wind etc.
Does any one know which company’s sell stocks in the $5.00 to $15.00 rang? I plan on holding the stocks for a couple of years or maybe more and the trade commissions are at $12.99. I have looked and looked but having trouble on where t look…. Thank you all

admin answers:

There are some index funds that invest in green energy stocks. One option would be to buy some stock in one of those funds. Another would be to see what stocks they have bought and research those to see which you would prefer. I do need to warn you though that green energy stocks are not as attractive as they once were, not with oil at $40 a barrel. Anyway here are the index funds.

FAN at $13.38 a share First Trust ISE Global Wind Energy Index Fund. Its largest holding is Vestas Wind Systems, the largest wind turbine company.

PWND at $12.82 a share Power Shares Global Wind Energy Portfolio. Its largest holding is Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

TAN at $8.70 a share Claymore/MAC Global Solar Energy Index ETF. Its largest holding is First Solar

KWT at $15.38 a share Market Vectors Solar Energy ETF. Its largest holding is Q-Cells

GEX at $23.42 a share Market Vectors Global Alternative Energy ETF. Its largest holding is First Solar.

GWO at $5.46 a share ELEMENTS Global Warming. I have no idea what this fund holds but I think it has many of the securities owned by the others.

One of the critiques of these index funds is that they are capitalization weighted. That means that overpriced stocks make up most of their holdings. Not a real great strategy for making money. But what you can do is go to the sites of these funds and find out what companies they have invested in and go from there. All of these are down significantly from their highs, some by better than 60%

These are just a few of the index funds that I know of. There might be 20 more that I am not aware of.

Donna asks…

What are some good “Green” or alternative energy stocks?

I am really interested in investing in Green technology, specifically solar, wind, or hydrogen energy. If you could just give a few names of stocks/companies that would succeed i would greatly appreciate it thanks.

admin answers:


canadian oil sands is where it’s at baby

Jenny asks…

What “green energy” stock should I invest in??

Or should I at all. I have a feeling that this green energy movement is going to stick. What do you think. And which stock(s) are the way to go for “green“?

admin answers:

I agree with what the 1st responder states. Individual stocks do contain a great deal of risk, especially in emerging markets such as green energy. For every one company that will survive 10 will fall by the wayside. I am not entirely in agreement with investing in an index fund in this area though, at least not at this juncture. If in fact 10 are going to fall by the wayside, then 9 out of 10 of the stocks in the index are going to fail. Not a promising opportunity.

I have to admit that I myself have positions in 3 companies, all outside of the U S. They all however are very expensive relative to their earnings. The least expensive of the 3 is TSL, a small Chinese company manufacturing solar energy solutions. Another is STP, another Chinese solar energy company, much larger and much more expensive. But both are absolute bargains compared to U S based solar companies. The 3rd is Vestas, a Danish company, which is the largest producer of wind turbines in the world. It is somewhat on the expensive side currently however.

I have studied The Andersons ANDE as a possible investment. The company among other things produces alcohol. It also has a large rail car fleet that it leases. One might consider railroads as the greenest of the green. Other railroad possibilities are NSC, UNP, BNI, and CSX. At least these companies pay dividends, have reasonable earnings, are more or less the only game in town in their respective regions, and are 7 time more fuel efficient than trucks and 50 times more fuel efficient than airplanes. Also they are the only form of transportation that currently is clean. They can run on electricity which can be generated by other clean sources. Unfortunately, I think others have caught on because they are all up significantly this year.

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Your Questions About Tesla Free Energy

Richard asks…

Why isn’t tesla recognized and why don’t we have the Wardenclyffe nation wide giving free energy?

I mean we are always told that we need to save electricity and to flex yr power and all this jazz, we have the capability to distribute free energy for everyone. Why didn’t they want us knowing about Tesla in school?
Gimme the scoop

admin answers:

Because it would be shocking ;)

Mark asks…

tesla free energy electric car in genral?

the stock gasoline engine had been removed and replaced with a brushless AC electric motor. The motor was said to have been powered by a “power receiver” consisting of a box measuring about 25 inches long by 10 inches wide by 6 inches high, containing 12 radio tubes and connected to a 6-foot long antenna.

The car was said to have been driven for about 50 miles at speeds of up to 90 mph during an 8-day period.
what energy was this taping!
don’t tell me it did not happen because you should not believe everything your government says

admin answers:

There are a few options, if you look at the diagram in this image from University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) you can see that electricity flows through the earth. Which is obvious when you think of the Northern Lights and then the Lightning to Elves exchange.


The American telegraph system use to get free power from Telluric Currents that flow across continents. Did he tap into that field or an atmospheric version of it?

Didn’t Tesla show in this and other experiments that it is an Electric Universe?

Charles asks…

What will happen to the world if Tesla’s invention of free energy is being widely used worldwide?

Will it be the end of human race?

admin answers:

Not necesarily. If Iam not mistaking …I believe you’re refering “Wireless energy transfer” which he proposed. Back then the experiment was extremely difficult. Many have tried. In 2008 a breakthrough in MIT (Intel) sponsor experiment …research students were able to transfer energy (actual electricity using microwave waves) 75% efficiency wirelessly to a light bulb (inside of a room just power source a few feet away). We’ll have to wait until 100% for mass production. But this proof it is possible.
This could have a tremendous application in private households. The thing is …that you still have to built network of antennas mostly relay to transmit the electricity to every house. So Iam sure someone will still be sending you …your monthly electric bill.
So far we can’t absorb electricity from atmosphere or the planet which is what I believe he proposed …beyond our current level of technology.

Sandy asks…

is Research of free energy (such Tesla Coil) hoax?

i’ve read lot of articles about free energy, they cool but they make me asking!

admin answers:

Tesla was one of the greatest inventors ever. He believed it was possible to transmit electrical power without cables. It has been done but it has never been practical for two reasons: limited transmission distance and there was no way to charge for it (ergo the “free” part of your question).

Intel has recently come up with a practical use for transmitting power the way Tesla envisions. Check out the source below.

John asks…

Why hasn’t Tesla’s ‘Radient Energy’ discovery led to eneryone having free energy everywhere?

Tesla invented AC current and the transformer among many other things. He also discovered free electricity (for anyone interested in an overview – http://educate-yourself.org/fe/radiantenergystory.shtml )
Why don’t we all get it?

admin answers:

Tesla was by my standards, the greatest thinker of the 1900′s. He is responsible for almost all of the conveniences we have today.

The one problem with his wireless power however is not the technology or science, but we humans. Can you imagine all of the world’s industrialized nations paying trillions to build and support this infrastructure, then giving it away to poorer countries. Think of the wars that would erupt over rights to the energy, or the fact that wireless power while scientifically proven, has about 10% efficiency. So we would have to burn more coal and oil, or more optimistically spend trillions more on a green energy infrastructure. But the main reason that this idea will probably never happen anytime soon is just because of human corruption.

On the other hand, Intel is work on a wireless charging system for laptops so that we won’t have to plug in at home.

More on Tesla though: One theory that i have is that he is part of the reason that President McKinley was shot in the Buffalo Pan-American Exposition in 1901. Buffalo was the city of lights, getting its power from Niagara Falls hydro electric plant. If Tesla had not invented AC current, Buffalo would not have been the city chosen, and McKinley might not have been killed.
Just a thought though

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Your Questions About Tesla Power Transmission

Mary asks…

Could electric power be sent through the atmosphere instead of using wires?

I read about Nicholi Tesla. One part mentioned about him trying to sent electricity wirelessly through the earth’s atmosphere. This would eliminate expensive high voltage power lines. I heard much of Nicholi Tesla‘s discoveries were cover ups. Is wireless power transmission true? If so, how could it be done?

admin answers:

In fact electricity can be pulled out of the air and transfered as discussed. Tesla (Edison’s understudy) invented a way to pull DC current out of the air. The problem with DC current is that it looses strength over distance. So, without a constant power loss over distance it is hard to transfer.

However, you can pull it right out of the air in places like Miami.
It is said the Tesla was driven crazy because the energy providers at the time (oil, coal) could ndot appreciate the idea of people having free energy. Tesla eventually invented a DC gathering device that exploded and ended his life. It is rumored that the the knockdown of hundreds of trees in the siberian wilderness coincides with his doomsday machine (it was designed to be a weapon) fired it’s first and only shot.

Mandy asks…

Who Was The Most Important Genious’ Since Da Vinci?

i believe Nikola Tesla was the most important genious since Da Vinci. i believe so because of his inventions that change every single person on our earth today. Einstien didn’t have much other than his equation. Tesla however, wasnt popular because of the hate toward from edison who was popular and led People to think he was crazy. Here is an article off the internet i found

Nikola Tesla was the first to blaze the trail for the creation of incredible, world transforming devices that we, in the world of today, take for granted. Tesla invented such things as: radio, the bladeless turbine, wireless communication, fluorescent lighting, the induction motor, a telephone repeater, the rotating magnetic field principle, the poly-phase alternating current system, alternating current power transmission, Tesla Coil transformer, and more than 700 other patents.


admin answers:

Tesla was brilliant, but I believe Einstein contributed a lot. Good and bad. His theories helped mold the world into what it was. The a-bomb may have been discovered later, or not at all if not for his theories. Then history could have been greatly different. Not saying that the a-bomb is a good thing, but it’s our weight to bear.

Ruth asks…

Did Nicola Tesla cause the Tunguska exlosion in 1908 in Siberia?

An explosion occurs over Tunguska (in Siberia), Russia, which is heard for 620 miles around. Some speculate this could have been a test of Tesla’s energy weapon, in Tesla’s last attempt to get some more funding for his planet-wide wireless power transmission system. Some say it was a meteor or UFO crashing, but there was no crater. It flattened 500,000 acres of trees for miles around. It was equivalent to 10-15 megatons of TNT. Whole nomad villages disappeared.

admin answers:

Interesting you should mention this explosion.

I say this, because this explosion, that almost nobody has heard of, is one more very strange incidence of (supposedly reliable) carbon dating giving a ridiculously false result.

When the wood from the trees burned by this explosion was carbon dated, it gave a date in the FUTURE! It’s age was negative! It hadn’t happened yet!

This is even worse than the mammoth that was “dated” using carbon dating and the result of the test showed that the tail of the animal was 15,000 years younger than the head! So much for any presumption of such dating methods being reliable!

Those of us in the creationist community are well aware that carbon dating (and all of the other radiometric “dating” methods) are far from reliable, and routinely give all kind of ridiculously differing results for the SAME specimen (rock).

When different dating methods are used to “date” the same rock or fossil, they get very different results (wildly different, all over the map, from hundreds of billions of years to no age at all (just created, zero years old).

If any of these methods were reliable, then at least ONE of them, when used to date a specimen, should produce the same result every time the specimen is dated. But none of them has ever been shown to be consistently reliable, or even close.

Compare this to, say, any method used to determine the salinity of a certain sample of water. Different methods should all give a very similar answer (within the degree of error of measurement).

But the different kinds of radiometric dating methods are all over the place, so a researcher has to pretty much guess how old he thinks it should be.

The radiometric dating methods that supposedly “prove” the earth is billions of years old, or that some fossil is millions of years old, are all highly suspect and fallible, and partly this is because they are based on highly fallible, suspect and unproven assumptions that those testing them start out with.

If you start with the wrong idea about how old something is, and make certain other unprovable assumptions (such as that the rates of decay have always been the same, that none of the radioactive element has been washed in or out since the decay began, etc.), then you necessarily will end up with wrong “dates” or “ages” for said samples.

So how do they arrive at a date or an age?. . Basically they ask, ‘well how old should something in this strata be”? (and if they think it should be 2.5 million years old, then that’s the “age” that is published in the headlines the next month, never mind that it’s very likely WAY off, usually by an order of magnitude)>

This is, in fact, how it’s actually done.

Chris asks…

Why is the AC transmission more efficient the DC transmission?

Why is the transmission of electrical power via AC more efficient then the transmission via DC? Basically, why did Edison’s model lose to Teslas superior model. Thanks

admin answers:

The advantage of AC for distributing power over a distance is due to the ease of changing voltages with a transformer. Power at the load is the product current × voltage at the load. For a given amount of power, a low voltage requires a higher current and a higher voltage requires a lower current. Since metal conducting wires have a certain resistance, some power will be wasted as heat in the wires. This power loss is given by Joule’s laws and is proportional to the square of the current. Thus, if the overall transmitted power is the same, and given the constraints of practical conductor sizes, high-current, low-voltage transmissions will suffer a much greater power loss than low-current, high-voltage ones. This holds whether DC or AC is used.

Converting DC power from one voltage to another required a large spinning rotary converter or motor-generator set, which was difficult, expensive, inefficient, and required maintenance, whereas with AC the voltage can be changed with simple and efficient transformers that have no moving parts and require no maintenance. This was the key to the success of the AC system. Modern transmission grids regularly use AC voltages up to 765,000 volts.[11] Power electronic devices such as the mercury arc valve and thyristor made high-voltage direct current transmission practical by improving the reliability and efficiency of conversion between alternating and direct current.

Alternating-current transmission lines have losses that do not affect direct current. Due to the skin effect, a conductor will have a higher resistance to alternating current than to direct current; the effect is measurable and of practical significance for large conductors carrying on the order of thousands of amperes. The increased resistance due to the skin effect can be offset by changing the shape of conductors from a solid core to a braid of many small wires. However, total losses in systems using high-voltage transmission and transformers to reduce the voltage are very much lower than DC transmission at working voltage.

Donna asks…

Why can’t we do what Nikola Tesla did?

In 1931, under the financing of Pierce-Arrow and George Westinghouse, a 1931 Pierce-Arrow was selected to be tested at the factory grounds in Buffalo, N. Y. The standard internal combustion engine was removed and an 80-H.P. 1800 r.p.m electric motor installed to the clutch and transmission. The AC motor measured 40 inches long and 30 inches in diameter and the power leads were left standing in the air — no external power source and no recharging of any batteries was necessary.

This vehicle, powered by an AC motor, was driven to speeds of 90 m.p.h. and performed better than any internal combustion engine of its day! One week was spent testing the vehicle. Several newspapers in Buffalo reported this test. When asked where the power came from, Tesla replied, “From the ether all around us”.

So, this vehicle, which wasn’t that small or light, was powered by energy taken from the air, and this was accomplished over 75 years ago.
Re: “It never happened”

I have never seen any credible evidence that Tesla was an illusionist. Was it also a trick that he powered hundreds of light bulbs from 26 miles away without wires? Is the AC motor an illusion? Apparently, Thomas Edison, J.P. Morgan, Rockefeller and Henry Ford believed what he did was real, in order for them to try and sabotage his inventions.

Tesla worked for Edison for a year. Edison set him to work fixing the many problems with DC dynamos. Tesla had remarkable mechanical and electrical ability and Edison promised him $50,000 if he could fix a particularly perplexing problem with a dynamo. Tesla worked for many months and finally the problem was solved. Did Edison keep his promise and pay him for all his hard work?. . . absolutely not….Tesla quit the Edison Company in disgust.

admin answers:

He was very, very smart.

However, big oil companies are more powerful. They win. Every time.

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Your Questions About Nikola Tesla Time Travel

Steven asks…

How was Nikola Tesla meant to travel in time?

I heard some stuff about a Philadelphia project but I don’t care about that stuff cos it sounds like a load of rubbish. What I’m interested in is when a news reporter found him and he said he’d been electrocuted whilst doing an experiment on electromagnetic fields. Does anyone have any information about that?

admin answers:

His work was developing electromagnetic fields around ships so they could not be detected. The time travel was just a dream of an eccentric scientist. .

Nancy asks…

What Were Nikola Teslas Contributions Towards Space or Time Travel?

admin answers:

Lunatic or not, we have Tesla to thank for the A/C motor, the very thing powering the computer Robert D is using to complain on. For the quick answer, see Wikipedia’s entry on Tesla. Http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikola_Tesla

Donna asks…

did Tesla develop time travel?

Tesla, Nikola, “My Inventions’”, ISBN 0-760700-85-0

admin answers:

I’m going to give this a big fat no.

Helen asks…

more people get into physics and theoretical physics than medical or biological researcher .?

May be the media has clouded my perception has physics and theoretical physics seem get on shows like TLC ,discovery the news so on .

Every one knows of Nikola Tesla ,Stephen Hawking .Bamin Franklin,Michael Faraday, Thomas Edison ,Alessandro Volta,Guglielmo Marconi ,Alexander Graham Bell,Isaac Newton,Leonardo da Vinci ,Galileo and Albert Einstein.

And today the media all talk on Albert Einstein,Stephen Hawking and Michio Kaku !!

And I most say Leonardo da Vinci and Nikola Tesla where more advance for the time they where in almost if they where time travels!!.

All the above great minds of science and inventors where are the biology/medical great minds that have just a impact like the above .

admin answers:

Interesting comment. Is there a question here? There are a lot of quiet, unsung medical researchers that never make the news, just make a journal , and eventually, make history. Same applies to Physics – a lot of brilliant men who do not make news. They usually prefer it that way.

Michael asks…

Is this a good retell?

Distant Waves

The beginning of this book takes place at a séance Jane’s mother is performing. After contacting a deeply missed loved one, Maude, her mother, and her children, Mimi, Jane, Emma, and Amelie, plus, an unborn, set out towards home. But on their way, the ground violently shakes, and a young man, whom is later to be found out to be Nikola Tesla comes and brings the newly-widowed family into a building, where he proceeds to smash an alarm clock sized machine that resulted in cease of the shaking. The family soon learns about his attempt to study vibrational patterns that caused the shaking. And soon, the young group set off for a village of physic mediums near buffalo. There, Jane becomes enthused with the life of Nikola Tesla, and over 12 years collects information about his life from newspapers in a scrapbook. At the age of sixteen, Jane and her eighteen-year-old sister Mimi set off for New York City, where the famed Tesla was staying. Tesla remembered her, and, Jane was thrilled. Jane also sparked up a small relationship with Tesla assistant, Thad, and when Mimi runs off to Europe with Mr. Guggenheim and his mistress, Jane is forced to leave New York City, and return to her mother. But before she leaves, Thad promises her that he would write. Jane patiently awaits a letter from Thad over the next six months but only receives a book, with no inscription as to whom it was from. Soon, her mother is invited to a Physic Mediums convention in London, and the whole family, along with the now 12-year-old baby Blythe, travels to London. As a séance is conducted with the twins Emma and Amelie and Maude, Emma is transformed into some kind of ghost of the former Queen Victoria, and warns everyone of the upcoming World War One. After the convention, the small all girl family find themselves seeing Mimi and thinking she’s a ghost. But, as it turned out, she was alive, and sought out them. In the time she was gone, Mimi fell in love with Mr. Guggenheim’s valet and is bought a ticket on the doomed Titanic. Soon, everyone but Maude find a way onto the Titanic. As soon as the twins are onboard, they start having problems, and see great problems with the ship’s future. A young Chinese girl named Li goes and fetches help, and who else is the help but Jane’s crush, Thad. After the girls are sedated, Jane and Thad spark up a relationship, and soon find themselves agreeing to engagement on the date of Mimi’s wedding, April 14, onboard the Titanic. All is well; until Nikola’s newly built “earthquake machine” disrupts the ship, and adds to the damage of the iceberg. In an act to save everyone from imminent death, Tesla unveils his time machine, and sends him and Jane 2 hours and 40 minutes into the future. There, Nikola finds Jane, and soon, finds Emma and Amelie. But soon, Emma dies from hypothermia. After a bit of searching, Jane finds the dead body of Victor, Mimi’s new husband. But, she cannot find Thad or Mimi. Concluding that Mimi and Thad had drowned, Jane tries to move on. Two years and 4 months later, Jane is working at the Sun Newspaper as a journalist. A story rolls in about two people found in the ocean, a man and a woman, with no sign of a boat or floating device in sight. The photograph of the people is instantly familiar to Jane, and she hurries to cover the story. When she arrives, she is reunited with Mimi, and, a little later, Thad. Apparently, Tesla’s invention forwarded Thad and Mimi Two years and 4 months into the future. Mimi is stricken by Victor’s death but Thad and Jane finally have reached a happy ending.

admin answers:

Honestly, the story is hard to follow. Perhaps, you can explain each character and their background while telling the story. There are a lot of names and it’s hard to follow. I got lost after the séance part because I don’t know whether they are still in the séance or they are now in real life, present time. Also, it doesn’t explain why smashing a clock would stop the ground from shaking. Kinda confusing.

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